A top race strategy is “Don’t try anything new”. Get familiar during training with your watch, your apparel preferences and perhaps most of all- the hydration & nutrition you’ll use on the big day.


Hydration: aim to drink every 20 minutes or so depending on what your stomach will tolerate.

Sugary sports drinks such as Gatorade provide glucose in liquid form, offering short bursts of energy. Consider options like for short distance races! Nonsugary options are a great way to stay hydrated over longer distances but aren’t always available at the course aid stations. For this option consider visiting a local running store such as JackRabbit Nashville. Nuun, U-Can, and Heed are non-sugary options that you can easily put in a small handheld water bottle on race day. Try these options out while training to learn what works best for you!

Nutrition: while calories can be consumed in liquid form alone, most runners utilize nutritional snacks.

Popular options are GU gels & chews, Honeystinger waffles, and Clif Bloks (gummy chews). Your local running store will offer a wide selection. As with hydration, start sampling during training so when race day rolls around you know exactly what works best for your stomach and taste buds!


Train smarter, race better!

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